How to be successful

Many people seek the feeling of success, whether it be in sports, academics or just in general. Success comes from someone’s deep desire to achieve a goal, it is what YOU make of it. The urge to succeed is what helps us to achieve the goals we set ourselves, it’s what makes us seek the light at the end of the tunnel. However depending on your goal your road to success might falter. Life may get in your way and cause you to deviate from your path to success. It might be a relative passing away, it might be a relationship faltering or it might even be your self-doubt. Don’t let your anything stop you from pursuing your goals.

Part of being successful is to believe that you can be and recognise that you are. You could watch every single motivational video on YouTube, and get all the support in the world but nothing will change until you take it upon yourself to step up and say “I am a success.” Success isn’t relative to other people, it’s personal to YOU. I don’t mean success as in some metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Success isn’t an end result, it is a mindset. Success is when you come to respect yourself and what you have achieved, and when you start thinking of yourself as a success (as well as working hard on something you want to be successful in). So, hold your head up high, value yourself as just as good as anyone else. Once you do that, you will feel content with yourself. Don’t base success on just what you have achieved, but how happy you have been whilst achieving it.

….Find the success in YOU.


Original drawing by EuphoricYOU