This is the first post written by my friend (I helped write it too). Motivational Mondays and Fitness Fridays will be published weekly from next week onwards.

Affirmation – emotional support or encouragement.

Sometimes affirming yourself is difficult, as a lot of people are very critical of themselves and sometimes fail to see the positive qualities they possess. For those who think that they are alone in being this way, I’m here to reach out to you and say that you are far from alone. There might be days when your critical nature can really make you depressed. However, as someone who has experienced long-term depression, I would suggest that continuous self-criticism serves no purpose. Often, you see much bigger flaws in yourself than any of your friends do. The cycle of depression will continue endlessly unless you realise that nobody is perfect, and accept that your own imperfections are what makes you perfect.

If you come to the realisation, and understand that you are unique and special, you will look at yourself in a different light, having a more positive outlook on yourself and your surroundings. Slowly and surely you will build self-confidence and you will learn to love yourself so that when the days come when you are feeling down you will be able to reflect the positive qualities that you have. There is no point surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage and support you unless you learn to love yourself too. This can be done by talking to your loved ones about yourself, listing 3 things that you like about yourself every day, being positive, and reading articles about being happy such as Self-Affirmation is very important in becoming happy, and one of the first steps to being proud and self-satisfied (but not in itself enough) is by surrounding yourself with positive people (this also, on average, increases your lifespan). Just remember, you need to be positive too.