Motivational Mondays #2

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Mornings can be a rushed, tiring ordeal during the week. Time can fly by and you can easily be late for work or school. However, these easy tips will help you better manage your mornings, so that you have a good, motivating start to the day:

  • Eat a large breakfast – I know you’ve probably heard this before but eat a large breakfast. It will give you more energy for the rest of the day.


  • Drink lots of water – Cold water wakes you up faster than coffee.


  • Sleep with the blinds half open – This way the natural light will start to wake you up, and you feel less sleepy when the alarm goes off.


  • Stay away from that sleep button – Don’t press sleep on your alarm, the extra five minutes won’t make you less tired, just late. Try and get out of bed and downstairs as quickly as possible, to avoid the temptation of staying in bed. This can be achieved by putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room, so you have to get up.


  • Stretch – By stretching your body, you wake yourself up even further, and also make yourself feel like you’re ready for the day. It only takes 2 minutes.


  • Wake up earlier – If you are often running late in the mornings, try waking up earlier. You will find the mornings much more relaxing if you wake up 15 minutes earlier. If you find this makes you tired, then go to bed earlier.


  • Read an inspirational quote – Get the right mindset for the day by reading an inspirational quote in the mornings. I post daily quotes on my Instagram –





Motivational Mondays #1

It’s time for the first post of Motivational Mondays! Motivational Mondays and Fitness Fridays posts are a bit shorter than the Euphoria posts on Wednesday and Sunday. I haven’t completely decided what I’m going to do every Monday, but today sit back and enjoy my three reasons to stay motivated:


1. Confidence: The more you follow your dreams and accomplish goals such as running a marathon, the more confidence you’ll gain.


2. Family: Have you ever wanted to make your family proud? By following your dreams and sticking to goals you’ve set for yourself, you will become a role-model to your family.


3. HappinessNothing makes you more euphoric (long-term) than achieving your goals, especially when you know they pushed you to the limit. So, if it ever gets tough in the first few weeks of a new resolution or goal; just push on, it will be worth it in the end.


At the end, I would just like to add a video that is inspirational and will motivate us all, so here is this week’s choice:

I don't own this video, but it is very inspiring, and it basically sums up what 
my blog is all about.


How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Before I get into today’s topic, let me first just say a huge thank you, as EuphoricYou has reached 100 followers on Instagram, and only 99 of them were my backup accounts (joking)! Secondly, I wish everyone that reads this post a euphoric new year – may this year be the year of change, for the better. Nothing makes people happier than successfully sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions. Finally, I had the opportunity today to visit George Michael’s house in Goring, and at the bottom of the post I will pay my respects to him.


DISCLAIMER: This post mainly applies to people who aren’t always successful at sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions. If you are successful at making and carrying out resolutions, then this post will make you EVEN BETTER!

Most of us will have made New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) before – and most of us will have probably broken our previous NYRs. However, this year will be different. I know many of you reading this will be a bit sceptic, but this year will indeed be different. This is because this year you are about to read a step-by-step guide on how to create achievable new year’s resolutions, and carry them out successfully (I’m thinking of doing a step-by-step guide on the last Sunday of every month). But a word of warning: this will only work if you aren’t a sceptic, and you believe that this year can be different.

  1. Make your resolutions something you can picture yourself doing. Make them something you know that if you try hard enough you can achieve. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment before you’ve even begun. At the same time, push yourself.  You will get much greater euphoria from achieving a challenging goal, than a simple one. Also, you don’t need to make loads of NYRs. Maybe just focus on a couple. I’d rather successfully stick to a couple of challenging NYRs than break ten impossible NYR after the first few weeks.
  2. Write your NYRs down on a piece of paper and pin it to a wall or any place where you can see it. Also, don’t just write the resolutions down, write out how you are going to achieve them too.
  3. Remember NYRs aren’t just for January! Read your NYRs out loud every single day. Maybe also read a short motivational message that you’ve written to yourself every day. More importantly, act on your NYRs every day. Even just five minutes a day will get you closer to your goals. To add to that, tell people about your NYRs so that they can support you.
  4. Don’t give in to temptation – picture your future self watching you when you are about to break your NYRs. Do them proud. Just grit your teeth and move on.
  5. Believe you can do it. Think of yourself as a success. If you do give into temptation, don’t give up and beat yourself up for it. Just realise your mistakes, and try, try again.

To conclude, sticking to NYRs can be hard, but it can also make you euphoric in the long-term. Take every day as it comes, don’t look ahead and dread the next few months. Your NYRs will make you happier (especially when you stick to them) and can bring positive, permanent change to your life. Finally, remember that change can be good, and you can control it. Plus, it will make your life more interesting. So, change your life for the better before your life changes you for the worse.

My main NYR:

Upload 4 posts a week on my blog, and also spend time improving it, and promoting it on social media.

How? I will get the time to do this by not playing computer games, as I am beginning to find them boring and repetitive. The time that I usually spend playing computer games I will instead spend on my blog.


RIP George Michael 2016:




Whether in heaven or not, we now know that he is peaceful. He left a massive legacy, in the form of his music, which will be listened to for years to come. Although he died at an early age, we should not reflect on the length of his life, but the quality of it, and the amount of happiness in it. George Michael was a kind, generous man, who would help others just for the sheer joy of giving. We can all learn so much from him. May he rest in peace.

Staying Motivated

What is the difference between successful people who lead a happy life, and those that aren’t content and abandoned their dreams? The answer: MOTIVATION. Following your dreams can be hard, and it is much easier to just live a normal life and relax all the time, not pushing yourself when you don’t have to. Stimulating your mind and body can be frustrating and boring, but the rewards make it well worth it. If you are one of those people that just desire happiness in the present, I implore you to try working towards long term happiness, because nothing is better than looking at your life and liking what you see (whether that be a leader of a successful company, or an author, or even an athlete – AKA something you have worked hard for).

Take athletes for example. If they only desired happiness in the present they would spend their lives sitting on the sofa eating sweets. But they desire happiness in the long-term, and they work for their whole lives to try and win a medal at the Olympics. They make sacrifices, yes, but they also stay motivated. And when they do win a medal, their EUPHORIA is a million times better than the feeling of relaxation that they would get from watching TV and sitting on the sofa. This is because they feel that they have achieved something, done something special, and in that sense they feel proud of themselves. That’s when all the training and sacrifices pay off, and they are thankful that they stayed motivated.

My point is – the road to success isn’t a road at all, more like a desert. It’s long, it tiring and hard, and the end never looks near. But if you keep going, one step after the other, then eventually you’ll reach the end (the oasis), and the long journey will have been worth it.

Staying motivated isn’t easy though. But I have some tips that I hope will help YOU stay motivated. Sometimes you can feel a bit down, and you might not care about your goal, or you might think that you were aiming too high. What I do when I feel like that is watch a motivational video on Youtube, read Bear Grylls’ A Survival Guide for Life, or even just look out a window and think about life (I have also tried meditating, which works very well). Doing that gets helps keep you motivated, and restores your desire and ambition to succeed. I would suggest watching an inspirational video (doesn’t have to be a long one) in the morning, so it helps you focus and increases your passion and desire for the rest of the day. Then, after that, I would suggest doing your hard work straight away. The motivational video will help keep you on track, and afterwards you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something for the rest of the day. And then you can relax and sit down because there’s nothing wrong with relaxing after you’ve achieved something, but it is wrong to relax all the time. It’s like Easter for example. If you ate Easter eggs every day, then Easter would not be as special and enjoyable as it is when it is only once a year. With relaxation, the less you relax, the better it feels when you do relax. Finally, I would suggest making time every week to follow your dreams. People often say, “I don’t have time” and “I would if I could” when talking about pursuing their dreams. But the answer to that is  to make time. Maybe work harder at something to get it done quicker, or plan a schedule and fit in the time that way. Because the best time to act on your dreams is now, don’t put it off. Always remember: nothing is impossible.

I think why some people don’t follow their dreams is because they are afraid of failure. However, failure is the first step to success. Failure may make it seem like you’re wasting your time, or not being productive. But you are moving forward (and learning) with every failure. For example, Colonel Saunders (founder of KFC) was turned down 1009 times before his chicken recipe was accepted. He stayed motivated because he believed he had something special, and his desire to succeed was so strong. I think what makes people quit or abandon their dreams is that the “easy way out” is so compelling. What they don’t realise is that the easy way makes you feel bad about yourself in the long-term. That is important to remember, along with the reasons for you to follow your dreams. But, in the moment, a lot of people forget their reasons to stay motivated and thus choose the easy way out.

That is why it is important to have a motto, and mine is to live life in 3D. 3D stands for ‘Determination’, ‘Discipline’ and ‘Distinction’. When I do something, I want it to represent who I am. So I approach every obstacle with determination (which keeps me motivated), discipline (I don’t just make rash decisions, or not care about my actions) and distinction (I do everything to the best of my ability – I am a bit of a perfectionist).

I am not trying to suggest that I am always motivated, as before I started this blog (which is one of my dreams) I didn’t always try my hardest. But I’m determined to change, no matter how hard it is. And, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Example of a motivational video: