Leaving a Legacy

I’ve recruited another member to join me in writing this blog. This now allows us to post TWICE a week. We will be writing each post together, as I believe that my friend is really well suited to this blog, and we think alike. 

In most religions, there’s some form of immortality, where someone lives on after their death. It is a very comforting belief, as I personally would love to know for certain that everyone that’s ever inspired me but passed away (such as my Granny) is now looking down on me, and enjoying their new life. However, until my death (hopefully not for a very long time), I will never know this for sure – it might be true or it might not be. Although, one thing I know for sure is that someone can live on after their death in the minds of others, and this is a different type of immortality. This can be defined as their “legacy” (leaving something behind when you die).

My Granny passed away a month ago now. That marked the end of her human life. But, she still influences those who loved her even now and will do so for a long while to come. For example, she is the reason that I started this blog. Also, all those that loved her still think of her, and in that sense she lives on. She has left something completely untouchable, and truly immortal. She has left it through her love of others, and through the memories that she has created. This is her legacy.

Now apply that to you. Most people don’t want death to be the end and are a bit scared that things they’ve done wouldn’t have amounted to anything special. To be immortal you just need to live life to the fullest. Meet people, love people, help people. Your acts will live on as memories long after you die. Don’t put things off until the future. Life is fragile, today might be your last day. Imagine, if you died today, what would you be remembered for? What would be your legacy? I implore you, live every day as if it’s solely what you’re going to be remembered for. Stay motivated, do everything to the best of your abilities, love everyone as much as you can. You can judge someone’s life by how many people pay tribute to them after their death. That is how many people they affected, how many people they loved. Just remember, the more people you love, the stronger your legacy is.