Staying Motivated

What is the difference between successful people who lead a happy life, and those that aren’t content and abandoned their dreams? The answer: MOTIVATION. Following your dreams can be hard, and it is much easier to just live a normal life and relax all the time, not pushing yourself when you don’t have to. Stimulating your mind and body can be frustrating and boring, but the rewards make it well worth it. If you are one of those people that just desire happiness in the present, I implore you to try working towards long term happiness, because nothing is better than looking at your life and liking what you see (whether that be a leader of a successful company, or an author, or even an athlete – AKA something you have worked hard for).

Take athletes for example. If they only desired happiness in the present they would spend their lives sitting on the sofa eating sweets. But they desire happiness in the long-term, and they work for their whole lives to try and win a medal at the Olympics. They make sacrifices, yes, but they also stay motivated. And when they do win a medal, their EUPHORIA is a million times better than the feeling of relaxation that they would get from watching TV and sitting on the sofa. This is because they feel that they have achieved something, done something special, and in that sense they feel proud of themselves. That’s when all the training and sacrifices pay off, and they are thankful that they stayed motivated.

My point is – the road to success isn’t a road at all, more like a desert. It’s long, it tiring and hard, and the end never looks near. But if you keep going, one step after the other, then eventually you’ll reach the end (the oasis), and the long journey will have been worth it.

Staying motivated isn’t easy though. But I have some tips that I hope will help YOU stay motivated. Sometimes you can feel a bit down, and you might not care about your goal, or you might think that you were aiming too high. What I do when I feel like that is watch a motivational video on Youtube, read Bear Grylls’ A Survival Guide for Life, or even just look out a window and think about life (I have also tried meditating, which works very well). Doing that gets helps keep you motivated, and restores your desire and ambition to succeed. I would suggest watching an inspirational video (doesn’t have to be a long one) in the morning, so it helps you focus and increases your passion and desire for the rest of the day. Then, after that, I would suggest doing your hard work straight away. The motivational video will help keep you on track, and afterwards you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something for the rest of the day. And then you can relax and sit down because there’s nothing wrong with relaxing after you’ve achieved something, but it is wrong to relax all the time. It’s like Easter for example. If you ate Easter eggs every day, then Easter would not be as special and enjoyable as it is when it is only once a year. With relaxation, the less you relax, the better it feels when you do relax. Finally, I would suggest making time every week to follow your dreams. People often say, “I don’t have time” and “I would if I could” when talking about pursuing their dreams. But the answer to that is  to make time. Maybe work harder at something to get it done quicker, or plan a schedule and fit in the time that way. Because the best time to act on your dreams is now, don’t put it off. Always remember: nothing is impossible.

I think why some people don’t follow their dreams is because they are afraid of failure. However, failure is the first step to success. Failure may make it seem like you’re wasting your time, or not being productive. But you are moving forward (and learning) with every failure. For example, Colonel Saunders (founder of KFC) was turned down 1009 times before his chicken recipe was accepted. He stayed motivated because he believed he had something special, and his desire to succeed was so strong. I think what makes people quit or abandon their dreams is that the “easy way out” is so compelling. What they don’t realise is that the easy way makes you feel bad about yourself in the long-term. That is important to remember, along with the reasons for you to follow your dreams. But, in the moment, a lot of people forget their reasons to stay motivated and thus choose the easy way out.

That is why it is important to have a motto, and mine is to live life in 3D. 3D stands for ‘Determination’, ‘Discipline’ and ‘Distinction’. When I do something, I want it to represent who I am. So I approach every obstacle with determination (which keeps me motivated), discipline (I don’t just make rash decisions, or not care about my actions) and distinction (I do everything to the best of my ability – I am a bit of a perfectionist).

I am not trying to suggest that I am always motivated, as before I started this blog (which is one of my dreams) I didn’t always try my hardest. But I’m determined to change, no matter how hard it is. And, as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Example of a motivational video: