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My Granny died on 7th November 2016. I was asked to write a poem to read out to everyone at her funeral on 11th November 2016. I only had 40 minutes to write it, but I thought I’d share this poem with you…


When I think of you Granny, it makes me want to cry,

Because before you passed away, I never said goodbye.

You were so kind and generous, that I can’t quite believe,

That I will never see your smile, oh, it makes me mourn and grieve.

I still have that letter, the one you gave me when I was small,

Where you said you wanted to read my book, when I was big and tall.

But life’s so fragile, and you were taken before your time,

Yet Granny, to have known you, the honour was truly mine.

I remember you, Granny, and not all my thoughts are dreary,

Because you were so strong, which we all could see so clearly.

I am very pleased Granny, that you are free of pain,

And from you there is a lesson that we could all surely gain.

Granny you would tell us all not to lament and mourn,

For you live on in our hearts, and in that sense are reborn.

And you would say to us now, there’s a bright side, even if everything seems sour.

In your case Granny, it’s that you never had to see a world with Donald Trump in power.

I remember you Granny, and it make me fill with pride,

So I hope when I get older, you’ll always be by my side.

For you were always so selfless, and showered me with gifts,

You thought of others first, and gave all our spirits a lift.

Granny, you always made me happy, and brought a smile to my face,

And during your life, you were a credit to the human race.

Before you died, there were 500 miles between us, or maybe even more.

But now I feel closer to you than I have ever felt before.

By Euphoric You

Written 10th November 2016