Motivational Mondays #1

It’s time for the first post of Motivational Mondays! Motivational Mondays and Fitness Fridays posts are a bit shorter than the Euphoria posts on Wednesday and Sunday. I haven’t completely decided what I’m going to do every Monday, but today sit back and enjoy my three reasons to stay motivated:


1. Confidence: The more you follow your dreams and accomplish goals such as running a marathon, the more confidence you’ll gain.


2. Family: Have you ever wanted to make your family proud? By following your dreams and sticking to goals you’ve set for yourself, you will become a role-model to your family.


3. HappinessNothing makes you more euphoric (long-term) than achieving your goals, especially when you know they pushed you to the limit. So, if it ever gets tough in the first few weeks of a new resolution or goal; just push on, it will be worth it in the end.


At the end, I would just like to add a video that is inspirational and will motivate us all, so here is this week’s choice:

I don't own this video, but it is very inspiring, and it basically sums up what 
my blog is all about.



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