Fitness Fridays #3


Mental Health

I’d like to start by saying that mental health is just as important as physical health (if not more important).  The best way to improve mental health is to learn a new language, musical instrument, and to eat lots of fruit. Also, regularly to refresh your knowledge with interesting facts and trivia.

Finally (as today is a short post because of the improvements I’m making to the new website), two weeks into our new year’s resolution, it’s hard to avoid the temptations that we experience in our everyday lives. So here’s five reasons not to give in to temptations:



Thrive under the challenge of avoiding temptation. When you feel tempted, just smile. After all, feeling tempted isn’t bad, it’s how you handle the temptation.

Helping Others

After Sunday, I will stop posting on this blog (dun dun duuuuuuun)! This is because I’m moving to – so check it out.

Helping others is one of the most important things in life, and makes both the helper and the one being helped happier in both the short-term and long-term. But is there more to helping than just common human decency?  

The short answer is yes, there is something more to helping than decency. There are many ways to help a person, whether its common everyday acts of kindness like letting a friend borrow a pen or more often helping them to teach them an important skill and encouraging them. Some people may ignore the help you offer them and some might plainly refuse it. So why bother helping them? Because I want you to spread the feeling of euphoria to those who need it, to help them live their lives to the fullest, not feeling down or upset but encouraged to be happy and spread this feeling to others.
So why help? Quite simply because there’s nothing that makes you happier than knowing that the person you’ve helped is left feeling like life is a little easier for them, and that they’ve got someone who they can turn to if they are troubled. This will make them happy too, in the long-term – and could be the start of a strong relationship. Just remember, there’s always someone out there who has a harder life than you. Understand that you are privileged (maybe not as privileged as some but definitely not the worst off). Try and make their life that little bit easier – bring a smile to their face. Make your own happiness contagious – that’s what life’s all about.


Motivational Mondays #2

I am working as hard as I can to launch my blog under the domain rather than this one. That’s right, I’m going to self-host my blog.

Mornings can be a rushed, tiring ordeal during the week. Time can fly by and you can easily be late for work or school. However, these easy tips will help you better manage your mornings, so that you have a good, motivating start to the day:

  • Eat a large breakfast – I know you’ve probably heard this before but eat a large breakfast. It will give you more energy for the rest of the day.


  • Drink lots of water – Cold water wakes you up faster than coffee.


  • Sleep with the blinds half open – This way the natural light will start to wake you up, and you feel less sleepy when the alarm goes off.


  • Stay away from that sleep button – Don’t press sleep on your alarm, the extra five minutes won’t make you less tired, just late. Try and get out of bed and downstairs as quickly as possible, to avoid the temptation of staying in bed. This can be achieved by putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room, so you have to get up.


  • Stretch – By stretching your body, you wake yourself up even further, and also make yourself feel like you’re ready for the day. It only takes 2 minutes.


  • Wake up earlier – If you are often running late in the mornings, try waking up earlier. You will find the mornings much more relaxing if you wake up 15 minutes earlier. If you find this makes you tired, then go to bed earlier.


  • Read an inspirational quote – Get the right mindset for the day by reading an inspirational quote in the mornings. I post daily quotes on my Instagram –




Buy experiences, not things

Today I’m going to talk about how to live life to the fullest, so that when you get old and you’re looking back, you’ll be happy with what you remember. Previously, I said you should value life on the happiness you and the people around you feel. I never went into any detail about how to achieve that euphoria. Well, I can now reveal that happiness comes as a result of positive experiences.


So, instead of buying the latest technology for ridiculous prices, try new things in real life! Have you ever wanted to go and sight-see or learn a different language?

So save up for experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life, not just a phone that’s slightly bigger.

I’m not trying to say never buy any technology (I’m on technology right now). Just live your life, so that if you wrote an autobiography it would be full up with exciting anecdotes not references to all the technology you’d used in your lifetime.

Some people think that experiences are over too quickly, and other gadgets and gizmos last much longer. However, the memory of those experiences outlives both of the above plus they give you the chance to grow and develop as a person in a way that technology can’t.

I know staring at screens can be addictive (it releases dopamine), but in later life you might regret spending your day on social media (at the same time, you don’t have to quit social media. I still have it, but I pursue my hobbies more than I play computer games).

I implore you – put down your tablet/phone/computer and get out more, meet new people, follow your dreams, have fun, and be excited and happy.

Have a blast!



Fitness Fridays #2

Today the subject is physical health, and next week it will be mental health. Please note that Fitness Fridays and Motivational Mondays aren’t always long posts because I don’t always have the time.


These stretches aren’t just for helping you grow. They are also beneficial for avoiding cramp, and doing these stretches can be good for loosening up your muscles before and after any physical activity.

Here is a guide on how to grow taller (don’t expect it to miraculously change your height after day one). Do these stretches every day:

Screenshot_20161119-201048 (1).png

If you find that the stretches take too long to do, half the time that it says to hold it for.

How to be successful

Many people seek the feeling of success, whether it be in sports, academics or just in general. Success comes from someone’s deep desire to achieve a goal, it is what YOU make of it. The urge to succeed is what helps us to achieve the goals we set ourselves, it’s what makes us seek the light at the end of the tunnel. However depending on your goal your road to success might falter. Life may get in your way and cause you to deviate from your path to success. It might be a relative passing away, it might be a relationship faltering or it might even be your self-doubt. Don’t let your anything stop you from pursuing your goals.

Part of being successful is to believe that you can be and recognise that you are. You could watch every single motivational video on YouTube, and get all the support in the world but nothing will change until you take it upon yourself to step up and say “I am a success.” Success isn’t relative to other people, it’s personal to YOU. I don’t mean success as in some metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Success isn’t an end result, it is a mindset. Success is when you come to respect yourself and what you have achieved, and when you start thinking of yourself as a success (as well as working hard on something you want to be successful in). So, hold your head up high, value yourself as just as good as anyone else. Once you do that, you will feel content with yourself. Don’t base success on just what you have achieved, but how happy you have been whilst achieving it.

….Find the success in YOU.


Original drawing by EuphoricYOU

Motivational Mondays #1

It’s time for the first post of Motivational Mondays! Motivational Mondays and Fitness Fridays posts are a bit shorter than the Euphoria posts on Wednesday and Sunday. I haven’t completely decided what I’m going to do every Monday, but today sit back and enjoy my three reasons to stay motivated:


1. Confidence: The more you follow your dreams and accomplish goals such as running a marathon, the more confidence you’ll gain.


2. Family: Have you ever wanted to make your family proud? By following your dreams and sticking to goals you’ve set for yourself, you will become a role-model to your family.


3. HappinessNothing makes you more euphoric (long-term) than achieving your goals, especially when you know they pushed you to the limit. So, if it ever gets tough in the first few weeks of a new resolution or goal; just push on, it will be worth it in the end.


At the end, I would just like to add a video that is inspirational and will motivate us all, so here is this week’s choice:

I don't own this video, but it is very inspiring, and it basically sums up what 
my blog is all about.


How to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Before I get into today’s topic, let me first just say a huge thank you, as EuphoricYou has reached 100 followers on Instagram, and only 99 of them were my backup accounts (joking)! Secondly, I wish everyone that reads this post a euphoric new year – may this year be the year of change, for the better. Nothing makes people happier than successfully sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions. Finally, I had the opportunity today to visit George Michael’s house in Goring, and at the bottom of the post I will pay my respects to him.


DISCLAIMER: This post mainly applies to people who aren’t always successful at sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions. If you are successful at making and carrying out resolutions, then this post will make you EVEN BETTER!

Most of us will have made New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) before – and most of us will have probably broken our previous NYRs. However, this year will be different. I know many of you reading this will be a bit sceptic, but this year will indeed be different. This is because this year you are about to read a step-by-step guide on how to create achievable new year’s resolutions, and carry them out successfully (I’m thinking of doing a step-by-step guide on the last Sunday of every month). But a word of warning: this will only work if you aren’t a sceptic, and you believe that this year can be different.

  1. Make your resolutions something you can picture yourself doing. Make them something you know that if you try hard enough you can achieve. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment before you’ve even begun. At the same time, push yourself.  You will get much greater euphoria from achieving a challenging goal, than a simple one. Also, you don’t need to make loads of NYRs. Maybe just focus on a couple. I’d rather successfully stick to a couple of challenging NYRs than break ten impossible NYR after the first few weeks.
  2. Write your NYRs down on a piece of paper and pin it to a wall or any place where you can see it. Also, don’t just write the resolutions down, write out how you are going to achieve them too.
  3. Remember NYRs aren’t just for January! Read your NYRs out loud every single day. Maybe also read a short motivational message that you’ve written to yourself every day. More importantly, act on your NYRs every day. Even just five minutes a day will get you closer to your goals. To add to that, tell people about your NYRs so that they can support you.
  4. Don’t give in to temptation – picture your future self watching you when you are about to break your NYRs. Do them proud. Just grit your teeth and move on.
  5. Believe you can do it. Think of yourself as a success. If you do give into temptation, don’t give up and beat yourself up for it. Just realise your mistakes, and try, try again.

To conclude, sticking to NYRs can be hard, but it can also make you euphoric in the long-term. Take every day as it comes, don’t look ahead and dread the next few months. Your NYRs will make you happier (especially when you stick to them) and can bring positive, permanent change to your life. Finally, remember that change can be good, and you can control it. Plus, it will make your life more interesting. So, change your life for the better before your life changes you for the worse.

My main NYR:

Upload 4 posts a week on my blog, and also spend time improving it, and promoting it on social media.

How? I will get the time to do this by not playing computer games, as I am beginning to find them boring and repetitive. The time that I usually spend playing computer games I will instead spend on my blog.


RIP George Michael 2016:




Whether in heaven or not, we now know that he is peaceful. He left a massive legacy, in the form of his music, which will be listened to for years to come. Although he died at an early age, we should not reflect on the length of his life, but the quality of it, and the amount of happiness in it. George Michael was a kind, generous man, who would help others just for the sheer joy of giving. We can all learn so much from him. May he rest in peace.